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Twenty9 Foods on ASTRO AEC, Behind The Taste

We are honoured to be selected by Astro to be featured in their new 10 episode show, Behind the Taste, on Astro AEC. It’s all about the different cuisines available in Malaysia. It turned out ot be an extremely personal thing, as we were interviewed about what makes Twenty9 special.

I particularly enjoyed this full day of shooting, because it was the occasion to highlight the one person that you never see, and without whom Twenty9 would not be where we are. She is always behind the scene, supporting my crazy ideas in the kitchen, advising me about this and that (mainly giving me a steady direction when it comes to business). And this person is no other than my wife and business partner, Michele.

For me, I also believe that the one thing that helped us pull though the pandemic and get to where we are is our resilience and our attempts fo pivot whenever the need required moving between food delivery, catering, private dining and private chef services. Thank you to all our customers who have helped us get this far! We look forward to cooking for you some more.

This week, we also received a fantastic review by a dear friend. She is one of the best food connoisseur in KL, and even though people might think she is biased because of our friendship, let me assure you that she did give me feedback at the beginning of Twenty9, and it was not always positive! Again, thank you so much for your support and your honest critics Jane Liew! And thanks so much to dear friend, Aline Pasang, for joining us as one of our guests and agreeing to be interviewed too!

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