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Review By The Yum List, Monica Tindall

Some see the pandemic as a curse while others have used it to leave their comfort zones and try new things. Such is the case with husband and wife team, Antoine Commare and Michele Sagan, and their creation of a French food delivery and catering service, Twenty9 Homecooked Foods.

Launched during the CMCO when Parisian Antoine lost his job, a quick decision had to be made about the family’s future. Closely assessing their passions and using the change as an opportunity to follow their interests, Michele (who also hales from a food-loving culture, Sarawak) and Antoine decided to bring homecooked traditional French-family-style food to homes across the Klang Valley.

Twenty9 Homecooked Foods

Providing dishes to go, vacuum-packed items ready for a quick cook at home (or freezing), and longer-lasting items such as pâté and terrine, the couple didn’t realize how fast the business would become a success. Their signature product is Chicken Liver Pâté with Cognac and the first 30 jars they made sold out in less than half a day!

We get in on the craze ordering ready-to-go and ready-to-cook meals, as well as some of those notable pâtés and terrines they have fast become known for.


To get started, the Chicken Liver Pâté (RM 19.90) with pickles and jam, Duck Confit Terrine (RM 24.90) and the Country Style Pâté (RM 22.90) make an excellent nibbles board. Perfect with a glass of wine and some warm baguette, they make for a happy afternoon. We didn’t try the pâté with the Cognac, although that would be right up our alley, but can imagine how the liquor would add another layer to the already superbly rich recipe.

Supplying our balance of greens in this meal is the Soupe Verte (RM 19). It surely tastes green and definitely has no artificial thickeners in it. It’s blended right up to the point before becoming completely smooth so we can appreciate some texture to the veg. This too works well with a slice of baguette.

Butter, garlic and parsley dominate the sauce of the Escargots (RM 24 half dozen). Heated up just before serving, the gravy literally coats the entire mouth while the land snails provide a couple of chews before sliding down the throat.


Another hallmark of French cooking is the beloved Cassoulet (RM 49). A casserole of pork, duck confit and white beans, the rich red sauce is well-deserving of the repeated and rapid spooning we do to capture every last drop.

Oft considered one of France’s several national dishes, Pot Au Feu (RM 43) is a beef stew with vegetables. The protagonist is a piece of cartilaginous meat (beef ribs) slow-cooked with carrots, leek, celery, cabbage and onions. Antoine’s interpretation has a light acidity to the finish (thanks to the lengthy cooking time of the cabbage) and this balances the intensity of the meat.

Gosh, I used to eat rabbit regularly as a child being raised in the Australian countryside. It’s not with great frequency, however, that I see it on a menu in KL. Chef Antoine brings it to tables of KL-ites with his Rabbit with Tarragon (RM ). Once more, it’s a dish that would be a shame to waste the sauce. So, either keep a steady supply of that baguette I keep mentioning on hand or prepare some thick ribbon pasta such as pappardelle to make the most of it.


Desserts have recently been introduced to the menu at Twenty9 Homecooked Foods and we are so glad that Gâteau Basque (RM 12) is on the list. This cake-crust filled with pastry cream is a tradition in the Basque region of France, and this recipe has a lovely zap of citrus balancing out

the custard.

Reasons to order from Twenty9 Homecooked Foods: wholesome French food made primarily on local ingredients; no preservatives or MSG; nice for a meal you don’t have to cook yourself at home but also an excellent option for dinner parties; the option for pork or pork-free cooking made in two separate kitchens; must order the Chicken Liver Pâté to begin and the Gâteau Basque to end, everything else in between is hearty delicious French cuisine.


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